About Us


We at MHM are excited to share with you the Mental Health Movement Charity Arm and Community Blueprint.
Our Mental Health Community Blueprint is specifically developed with the objective to provide vital mental health awareness, education, training workshops and providing resources and links to appropriate support networks, to local community groups and teams.
We know that too often community groups and sporting clubs simply do not have the capacity to provide Mental Health Support to their people which is why we have specifically developed a Mental Health Community Blueprint.
The importance of this is sadly, suicide is the leading cause of death of individuals aged 15-44 years old. Currently 8 Australians are taking their lives each day, six of those are males. These are real people, friends and family. We know that early intervention not only provides better outcomes but gives us an opportunity to save lives within our community.
Mental Health Movement will initially be targeting our local Illawarra & South Coast Rugby League Teams with the vision to branch out to various sporting clubs in the region and beyond. We will be focusing on providing our community blueprint to ages 16+ to both male and female players, coaches, staff and volunteers.
To make it easy for you to support us in delivering our community blueprint we have created MHM THE STORE where you can now purchase our first initiative; #startingtheconversation FATHERS DAY GIFT PACK. All profits made directly aid the delivery of our blueprint and ensure we #starttheconversation in our communities.
Together let’s make a life long difference to the mental health of our community.