• Load image into Gallery viewer, #STARTINGTHECONVERSATION GIFT PACK
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, #STARTINGTHECONVERSATION GIFT PACK


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PLEASE NOTE: Our Packs are limited edition with limited sizes, once the packs are sold out, you miss out so ensure to get in quick! 

All Packs will be posted out on the 1st of September 2020.

We've got you (and the old man) sorted this year with the Mental Health Movement #STARTINGTHECONVERSATION Pack. 

Why purchase the MHM Pack?

We know that too often community groups and sporting clubs simply do not have the capacity to provide Mental Health Support to their people, so we aim to fund this project through selling our MHM Merchandise and Fathers Day Gift Packs.
All profits will aid the delivery of our Mental Health Community Blueprint and ensure we continue to start the conversation in our communities. 
MHM will initially target the Illawarra and South Coast Rugby League teams with the vision to branch out to various sporting clubs in the region and beyond. We will focus on ages 16 and above for males and female players, coaches, staff and volunteers within the sporting clubs and groups. 

Together let’s make a life long difference to the mental health of our community.

What's included in the Pack?

  • Keep Mental Health Movement Budgy Smugglers in signature blue.
  • Mental Health Movement One Size Fits All Truckers Cap with adjustable plastic fastener, tonal under-peak lining, mesh back.
  • Mental Health Movement Keep Cup, an eco-friendly double wall reusable coffee mug to keep your favourite drinks hot for longer while always being cool to the touch.
  • MHMAC Resource Booklet provides a 71 page comprehensive guide to better manage your mental health. 
  • Destress with the Mental Health Movement Stress Ball.
  • Mental Health Movement Continuum Ruler to measure and keep track of your Mental Health
  • Take note with the Mental Health Movement #startingtheconversation Metal Retractable Pen.